Abondance valley

Since the man settled in the valley, he sought the best way to shelter. As the forests covered the major part of the region, the main building material for his home was wood.

Little by little, his activities and his social life guided the way of building his house. He has developed a construction adapted to the environment and that meets his expectations: family shelter, housing of animals and pantry during the winter period. 

We can say that the traditional farm of the Abondance valley has established its architectural features over several generations, in a place where socio-economic transformations have been very slow.

The word "chalet" here refers to the summer dwelling on the mountain pastures ; the farm corresponding to the permanent habitat in the valley.

In the villages of Abondance, La Chapelle d'Abondance and Châtel, agricultural activity has decreased and some farms are now only homes. However, it is still possible to see farms that have never been transformed.