The source Cachat - old fountain Sainte Catherine - is the most famous of the many sources that emerged in Evian. Built in 1903, like the pump room facing it, water flows continuously every day of the year at a temperature of 11.6 °.
The Marquis de Lessert who suffered from the kidney stone disease revealed its virtues in 1790. From this date analyzes have then specified the effectiveness of this water to cure urinary tract infections. In 1826, the Geneva businessman Francois Fauconnet founded the first company operating Mineral Waters, and built a spa on the site of the Cachat pump room.
In 1869 the Company of Mineral Waters of Evian-les-bains is created. The benefits of water whose fame continues to grow are approved in 1878 by the Academy of Medicine and rewarded the same year at the World Expo.

The Cachat pump room was built on the site of the first spa and was completed in 1903. This building, considered a masterpiece of spa architecture, is the most representative of Art Nouveau in Evian. The master builder, Jean-Albert Hébrard, was also the architect of the Royal Hotel (1906-1908) and the Casino (1911-1913).
Designed as "a temple of water", this wooden and glass pavilion is covered with a glazed tile dome and large semi-circular stained glass windows with vegetal motifs. Place of meetings and society events, the hall of the source had once a reading and correspondence room. The fountain was located in the center of the space.

The Cachat pump room was replaced in 1956 by the Novarina pump room, built opposite the port.

Source Cachat
Avenue des sources, 74500 Evian-les-Bains