Dolfus park 

Dolfus park is located close to the city centre and boasts small beaches and sprawling lawns, perfect  for lounging arround, swimming and having a picnic. Free car parking (MJC or Aviron). Unrestricted access.

Walk on the Evian quayside

A 2 km walk from the swimming pool to the marina. The ideal place for rollerblading, cycling and scooter riding. Cafes and restaurants on the quayside. Two children's play areas between Buet Square and the marina. The walk can be extented eastwards to Petite Rive/ Grande Rive.


Neuvecelle Park

The five hectare Neuvecelle Park has themed gardens. It is classed as a natural area of outstanding biodiversity. The park's mascot - the heron - lives on the shores of the lakes.

Clair Matin Park

Claire Martin Park in the centre of Neuvecelle is a place where people love to stroll, read, play with their children and enjoy lunch. The park boasts a magnificent panoramic view of Lake Geneva and the mountains. Children's play area, park cafe.

Walk on Grande Rive/ Petite Rive pier

This recently redeveloped site offers pleasant strolls along the lakeshore and shingle beaches for swimming. Pedestrianised area ideal for rollerblading, cycling and scooter riding. Cafes and restaurants on the quayside.
Boat slipway.


Arboretem of Maxilly

This botanic garden is a great spot for a short walk and also has a children's play area.


Maxima Park

Discover a park brimming with history and charm on the outskirts of Amphion heading towards Evian. Enjoy the Maxima spring water while picnicking under a hundred year old tree.

The Delta of Dranses'river Park

This park is located a few walks from the River Dranse Delta reserve. It offers a large diversity of environment that visitors will discover around the paths and a belvedere.
Continuous promenade until the beach.

Amphion quay and Lime Trees Park

This park is a place of calm and relaxation and is also a venue for sport and leisure. It's located between the Cité de l'Eau aquatic centre and the lake. The park boasts beaches (including one with lifeguards), a green lawn, wooded areas, picnic tables, a boules court, and a small harbour.
Play area and eating area close to the supervised beach.
Free car parking.


Larringes wood

This fitness trail located in the middle of the wood is an active trail dotted with exercise  stations and suited to people of all fitness levels.